How to Politely Request “Money in Lieu of Gifts” for Child’s Birthday

Written By Sarah Y

Hey there, parent-friends! Do you have a house full of toys and want to reduce the clutter at your child’s birthday party? Or maybe you’re saving up for a big-ticket item? I’ve been there and have been in your position trying to figure out how to request for money in lieu of gifts for my child’s birthday.

Either way, in this article, we’ll show you some easy and fun ways to politely request “no toys, please” or “money in lieu of gifts” on your child’s birthday invitation without coming off as rude.

Plus, we’ll share some sample wording ideas that you can use for your party invitation!

Easy and Fun Ways to Say No Toys, Please

One of the easiest and most direct ways to request no toys is simply to write “no toys, please” on your child’s invitation card.

However, if you’re feeling creative or playful, there are many other fun and gentle ways to request no toys.

Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Suggest an alternative to gifts

Instead of asking for toys, you could suggest that guests bring a book, craft, or activity that your child will enjoy.

Request experiences instead of toys

Consider asking for experiences instead of toys as these can be both more meaningful, memorable, and last longer. For instance, you can ask guests to purchase a gift card for a nearby zoo, aquarium, or museum that your whole family can enjoy together.

Ask for useful items in lieu of gifts

If you want to go the practical route, consider asking guests to bring socks, diapers, baby wipes, or other items your family regularly uses in place of toys.

No material gifts” approach

You could also create an invitation that clarifies your preference for no material gifts or plastic. Gently telling your guests that you prefer clutter-free gifts will make it easier for them to respect and understand your request.

How to Ask for Money in Lieu of Gifts at a Birthday Party

Make it clear on the party invitation. Make your message clear when sending out your party invitations. An important thing to note is that guests might ignore your request. In that case, appreciate the lovely gesture they made and thank them warmly.

Set up a savings account. If you’re raising funds for a long-term goal, such as a college fund or dream vacation, consider opening a savings account and directing guests to contribute to it instead of purchasing gifts. Make sure that you include the savings account information alongside all the necessary details in your invitation card.

“Money in Lieu of Gifts” Wording Ideas for Your Birthday Invitation

If you’re seeking money instead of gifts for your child’s birthday, here are some wording ideas for your invitation card:

  1. “Your presence is the only gift required, but if you’d like to bring something, your contribution to our child’s savings account would be appreciated.”
  2. “Don’t know what to give? Your monetary gift would be an investment in our child’s future, and we would be grateful for your thoughtful gesture!”
  3. “Our child has more toys than they know what to do with, but their piggy bank could use some love. Any contributions towards their savings would be appreciated.”
  4. “Our little one is so loved, and we’ve been blessed with all the things we need. For their birthday, we would love nothing more than contributions to their college fund/next big adventure.”

There are many creative and fun ways to politely request “no toys, please” or “money in lieu of gifts” on your child’s birthday invitation. When writing your wording, be sensitive to your guest’s feelings and make your message clear, direct, and positive.

With these tips and ideas, you can make your child’s birthday party experience more meaningful and memorable for everyone involved!

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