How to Say “No Gifts, Please” on Your Child’s Birthday

Written By Sarah Y

Hey there, parent-friends! If you’re tired of your home becoming cluttered with toys and trinkets after every birthday party, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you some easy and fun ways to say “no gifts, please” on your child’s birthday invitation without coming off as rude.

Plus, we’ll share ten sample wording ideas that you can use for your party invitation!

Easy and Fun Ways to Say No Gifts, Please

One of the easiest and most direct ways to request no gifts is simply to write “no gifts, please” on your child’s invitation card. However, if you’re feeling creative or playful, there are many other fun and gentle ways to request no presents that won’t leave guests feeling awkward or confused.

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  1. Suggest a charitable donation instead: You can gently request guests to consider making a donation in lieu of gifts to a charity that is dear to your family’s heart. This approach puts the focus on giving to others and can make guests feel extra good about attending your child’s party.
  2. Request an experience instead of gifts: If you’re hosting a party where guests will be bringing their children for activities, you could request that the guest’s presence is enough and instead recommend that they make a coupon as a gift for an experience, like a trip to the zoo or a movie, that they can enjoy together as a family.
  3. Share your minimalism goals: If you’re an advocate for minimalism, consider mentioning that on your invitation card. Explain why you prefer quality time with loved ones over material gifts.
  4. Make it clear that their attendance is more than enough: Explain how much their presence is enough and, as we all know, time is our most valuable resource. With their participation, your child will already be delighted.
  5. Go for a laugh: On the fun side, it’s good to add humor to your no-gifts-request on your invitation card. Example: “No, we don’t want toys to get in the way of our minimalist lifestyle, we already struggle to keep the monkey bars clean.”

Ten Sample Wording Ideas for Your Birthday Invitation

We understand that coming up with the right wording can be hard, so we’ve put together ten sample wording ideas to help you make an impressive, yet polite, request for no gifts:

  1. “We kindly request your presence at our child’s birthday celebration. In lieu of gifts, please bring your positive vibes and warm wishes.”
  2. “The best gift you can give us is your company! Our child’s birthday party is not complete without you. No gifts, please!”
  3. “Join us for cake, treats, and games at our child’s birthday party. Your presence is enough to make our little one’s day special.”
  4. “We’re excited to celebrate our little one’s birthday with you! All we wish for is your cherished company, so please, no gifts!”
  5. “We have everything we could need and want, and we don’t want any gifts to clutter our space. Please come to our child’s birthday party empty-handed; your company is enough to make it a memorable occasion.”
  6. “In lieu of gifts, we kindly request that you make a donation to your chosen charity. Let’s give back and make a positive impact together!”
  7. “Come and share in our child’s joy as we celebrate their birthday. We kindly request no gifts, just your wonderful presence!”
  8. “We promise that we’re not scrooges; we just have enough toys to last us a lifetime! Your presence is present enough at our child’s birthday party.”
  9. “We can’t wait to celebrate with you! No need to bring a gift – just come with your energy, dancing shoes, and have a blast with us!”
  10. “Join us for some birthday fun without the clutter. We would be honored to have your company be our only birthday gift!”

Don’t feel bad about requesting no gifts on your child’s birthday invitation. It’s a simple way to make meaningful connections with loved ones while reducing clutter. It’s more common than you think so don’t fret too much about how to say “No gifts, please” on your child’s birthday.

Remember to be polite and considerate with your wording, and your guests will have a great time celebrating your child’s special day with you!

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